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Do you have other favorite online tools that may not fit neatly into any other category, examples, or ideas for using them in the library media center?Share them here.
There are so many tools and so little time! Many tools could fit into several of the categories in this wiki. Others really defy categorization! Please use this page to describe any Web 2.0 tool you've found useful in your library media center or steer others to resources about these or similar web tools.


A smackdown is a sharing of websites, tools or teaching tricks that you have found to be of great use. Smackdowns are fund to watch and more fun to participate in. Presenters are given 2-3 minutes to present the tool to a group. Even if you can't attend, a list of tools presented at a smackdown can introduce you to other educator's favorite tools.

@Cybraryman has collected lists from many smackdowns on one page for you! He also includes directions on how to create a smackdown at your next staff development day, faculty meeting or parent night!

Here's a recent smackdown from the NCTIES conference (3/8/13); find it here. The most recent smackdown I've seen is from the AASL October 2013 conference in Hartford, CT:


Many educators have made lists of their favorite Web 2.0 tools and they have done so in a variety of formats. Here are some of them. Feel free to add your own lists or links to favorite compilations. The most recent lists of favorites I've bookmarked are:

Auntytech's Favorite Links on web2.0 lists from Diigo
You can see previously bookmarked sites in my Diigo bookmarks tagged lists and Web2.0..

Livebinders is a tool for collecting resources--much like a 3-ring binder.In each Livebiner you'l find tabs and subtabs with related materials. You ca read more about Livebinders here. Here's one I created for my "Introduction to Technology for Teachers" class so they could learn about new tools independently and submit work for extra credit. (The students liked this!)

Like 3-ring binders, you can "house" them on a "shelf." Here's a shelf full of Livebinders created by educators with webtools for different audiences. Scroll through them (using the navigation at top right) to see if there is one you might like to view. (Livebinders can be public or private. Many can be copied and adapted for your own use.)

Watch live streaming video from techlearning at

Productivity Tools for Schools
This is a recording of a presentation from Tech Forum Atlanta on March 1, 2013. The panel presented a smattering of web and ios tools for taking notes, creating classroom materials/disseminating content, and assessing student learning. Lisa Johnson (@techChef4U) was one of the panelists and shared this video. You can find her list of tools here and other tools mentioned inthis Google Doc

The Web 2.0 Newbie Starter Kit

The Newbie's Intermediate Web 2.0 Guide

Web-Ed Tools is a collection of “Web-based Apps connecting students to academic curriculum...” Created and curated from blogs, tweets, videos and much more by Mark Rounds with,
Web-Ed Tools

101 Web 2,0 Teaching Tools highlights some great tools in these categories: Aggregators | Bookmark Managers | Classroom Tools | Collaboration | Course Management | Office Suites | Office Tools | Productivity | Public Content Management (Blogs, etc.) | Storage

The Ultimate Web 2.0 List comes from Gary Swanson in Australia. Arranged alphabetically, he offers a brief description of each tool and also lists tools by task.and his top 10 tools. While at the site, check out the Web 2.0 starter sheets. Excellent!
Ultimate Web 2.0 List

100 Helpful Web Tools for Every Type of Learner recaps some of the tools listed in this wiki and suggests even more. Categorized by learning style: visual, auditory, kinesthetic.


Paul's eLearning Resources
For a site/service to be included here it must be free, easy to use, and produce high quality resources that can be used on any web enabled platform. Sites & services are arranged into the categories or you can search the site using the search box at the top right of each page or click here to access the Sitemap.
Don't miss Cool Tools for Schools, a wiki that lets you look at Web 2.0 tools by category. Links to demo sites and examples are include throughout.

Cool Tools for Schools

Tammy Worcester and her Tammy's Technology TIps are favorites of many conference goers and blog readers. Here's a list of her favorite Webtools.

Another favorite of blog readers is Ozge Karagluwho shares so many great resources. Here's her list of Webtools A-Z.

The 35 Best Web 2.0 Tools Chosen by You! Responses to this question posed on Twitter: What are your top 5 favorite Web 2.0 tools to use in the classroom? (Compiled by Edudemic)