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Using Web Tools to Keep Up with Web Tools

There are hundreds and hundreds of web-based tools available! There seem to be a dozen or more new tools online every day! Here are some of the newest ones that I'm exploring (from my Pinterest boards):

Many of these have potential for increasing our own productivity, for enhancing our teaching, for organizing our information resources and/or for helping students learn. How to do keep on top of these new tools?

Many teacher-librarians and other educators are curating webtools they find useful. You can, too! See the info on Curation Tools in this wiki.

As you read below, note that Web 2.0 tools can help you keep up with Web 2.0 tools--and almost any other topic as well. This is just another reason to learn to use them and teach your students and teachers to use them!

My Web 2.0 Bookmarks

As I read and find good things I use Diigo, a social bookmarking tool, to keep track of them.You can see them all here, but here are my most recent Diigo-bookmarked sites tagged with Web 2.0:
Auntytech's Favorite Links on web2.0 from Diigo
and here are the most recent Diigo bookmarks from the Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0 group:

Best content in Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0 | Diigo - Groups
and, although not specifically tagged with Web 2.0, you'll find many useful tools in the Teacher-Librarian Diigo group. These are the 10 most recent:

Best content in teacher-librarians | Diigo - Groups

More to Explore!

Shannon Miller shared this post:
These Teachers Will Give You Several Ideas On Where To Learn About New EdTech Tools! where several teachers share their ways of finding and learning new tools.

You might try listening to podcasts:

Playlist created with LessonPaths!


Here are some other places you can find new tools and (sometimes) reviews of them:

*Specific to education

What's Coming Next?

No one know for certain what the future holds, especially in the area of technology. But one thing is for certain, technology changes quickly! So it's important to keep up or we'll be left in the dust!

I love this brief look at the past and a glimpse of the possible future in technology for education in this presentation from Judy O' Connell, Charles Sturt University (@heyjudeonline):