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  • Here's a guide to all the Google tools (well, as of the publication date) created by a school district in Maine in Comic Life and then published in Issuu. Click to enlarge and turn pages. Super idea for working with teachers or kids...or students could create their own?!

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From Free Technology for Teachers (8/31/08): Five Free Bibliography Generators external image Picture+6.png

One of my standard lesson plans at the beginning of each school year involves research and citation. I take my students down to the library where the librarian and I review with students a variety of research tools. Students are very good at finding information, but they almost always struggle with creating properly formatted citations. Fortunately, there are many free websites that students can use to get help properly formatting their bibliographies.

Ottobib and Bibomatic both use ISBN numbers find books and format citations. Those are both good, easy to use tools, but often students will need help formatting citations from other sources therefore students may want to try Carmum, Citation Machine, Bibme.