Ideas for Using Wikis

in the Library Media Center

Wikis can be used to learn more about wikis! Here is great library media wiki from "down under:"
  • eSandbox is designed as"a place to come to and learn about the many aspects of web 2.0. It has been designed for the staff of The Hamilton and Alexandra College and links to our hands-on Sandbox sessions that have been held in the library over the last two years." Teacher librarians (library media specialists) are invited to" play in the Sandbox and have fun!"

How I Use Wikis From a classroom teacher, but ideas could be easily implemented in a library media center. (Be sure to see the comments, too, where others share how they are using wikis.)

WIki Class Notes Great ideas!

WikiBookClub was designed for adults, but could be a great model of how to use a wiki for a book club for kids or young adults, too.

Here's a great article on using wikis as portfolios. Note the different tools used. Although the article focuses on students, wikis could also be used for your own professional portfolio!

Best Practices for School Library Media Specialists is designed as an assignment display wiki for school library media students at Alabama State University.

In Richard Byrne's blog, Free Technology for Teachers, he offers some great ideas for using Web 2.0 tools. This one, a stick figure cartoon, is from his post entitled Using Wikis to Impress Your Administrators.

Illustrating one problem with wikis in general and Wikipedia specifically:
Dilbert 5/8/09

Great Wiki Examples

If you use a wiki you'd recommend or have created a wiki (or two) for your library media program, please add it here with a link to it and a brief description!

List of Library Media Center wikis on WIkispaces (search term "library media center")
Directory of public wikis on PBWiki (Education)

Book Leads Reading suggestions, reading lists, book clubs, author websites, ebook portals and more!

Bull Run Library (VA) and Plymouth Regional High School Library (NH) both use Peanut Butter Wiki (pbWiki) to maintain their pages.

BrevardFTR is a wiki created as a resource for Brevard County (FL) secondary Media Specialists to use and share with the school's teachers and students to promote reading and Florida Teens Read!

Shonda Brisco (TX) maintains a wiki to share documents, booklists, presentations, conference information, lesson plans, etc They also have a Ning (social network) so they can share photos, videos, ideas, book reviews, blog postings and more. .

Classroom 2.0 is a wiki where you can network with others who are interested in Web 2.0 technologies and using them in education.

Ambient Librarian Wiki A wiki to help librarians learn about web 2.0 tools! Topics includ Library 2.0, blogs, cool tools, digital libraries, folksonomies/tagging, online communities tech reading, virtual worlds, web design, and wikis.

Reading with the Stars A wiki for the state award book list. Note how the comment feature is used. Clever.

MOPAWiki "The Middle Ogden Preparatory Academy Library's Wiki page where I will be posting information, documents, and links."

Spice it Up a Notch with Nutmeg Wikis We've created these wikis for our collaborative project, Spice it Up a Notch with Nutmeg! Students from different schools use the wiki to discuss and create pages about books that they are reading. The books they are reading are the nominees for the Connecticut Library Book Award program, the Nutmeg Book Award program, for students in grades 4-8. Here is the Intermediate 2008, Teen 2008, Intermediate 2009, Teen 2009.

Science Inquirer is a Wiki that supports science instruction in Riverside County, California. The site hosts a newsletter, a list of over 200 free things that science teachers may request, super high speed videos, digital microscope photos, PowerPoints and support files from presentations, discussions between new teachers, and links to Earth Science resources. The site really has a lot of pieces of Web 2.0 technology in it. There was also an area where teachers could chat, but it was blocked by most districts' internet filters :-(

Ocean Breeze Votes is an example of a wiki that was designed as a curriculum teaching tool. It was built by Sarah Aloise, the Media Specialist at Ocean Breeze Elementary in Brevard County, FL, for use by teachers and students during a schoolwide unit on the 2008 Presidential election. It provides tools, videos, links, and student projects on the topic of study. This was a great way to introduce the staff to many web 2.0 tools.

Calculator Project is a wiki created for high school Introduction to Coding class. This wiki was designed to host a project for the students. Their task was to create a working calculator using Java. It provides instructions, useful vocabulary, code, examples, and other helpful links on coding.

Harambee Library Wiki was created to help my students learn more about literary genres. They can also see what their friends are reading by reading the book reviews. So far only 4th and 5th graders have posted reviews and many of them still need to be revised or completed. Next quarter 2nd and 3rd grade students will be posting reviews. The 4th and 5th graders will be learning more about keywords by adding tags to their entries. We can also post reviews that are podcasts or make videos. It's a good way to give students a chance to learn how to communicate online.

NHD Research Wiki is a wiki created by media specialist, Katharine C. Adams to help the students of Gulf Middle School with their National History Day projects. Kathy has been the school's history fair coordinator for the past 4 years and was thrilled to be able to share so much helpful information with her students (and other NHD students in the county) all in one easily accessible place!

Other Wiki Tools

PicoWiki is a hosted wiki for the iPhone, iPod Touch, Smart Phones, Blackberry, and PDA.