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Ideas for Using Social Bookmarks

See how one library media specialist describes using del.icio.us and tagging:
"I feel that bookmarking and tagging are important tools that are useful to students as soon as they are taught research skills." Read more.

University High School's library media center (IL) collects literature connected bookmarks for students on del.icio.us. See more super ideas and examples of integrating web 2.0 tools to support reading and literacy in their wiki.

I use social bookmarks to recommend articles and websites to fellow-library media specialists. I use delicious and then display the most current finds on our Announcements page (RSS feed through Grazr). When I find something good, I click on the del.icio.us bookmarklet, tag it and add it to the page. (Scroll down to see it in the right hand column of the announcements page to "recommended reading.") Individual tags can be used in other feeds. For example, I tag my favorite blogs with the word "blog" and it appears in a list of my most recent 20 favorites the blogs to share page of this wiki.

From the iLearnTechnology blog:

Only 2 Clicks is a bookmarking website that lets you store and categorize websites so that you can get back to websites in only 2 clicks. What is great about this bookmarking site is the picture preview of the page. I don’t know about you but I collect so many great sites that even my clever little descriptions don’t always jog the old memory. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words and generally I remember the site as soon as I see it. With Only 2 Clicks you can access your bookmarks anywhere anytime…even from your iPhone woo hoo! If you set Only 2 Clicks as your browser homepage, you always have your frequently visited sites in one simple place. Only 2 Clicks is very user friendly, rearrange your sites by dragging and dropping (how very Apple of you!) If you add search engines to Only 2 Clicks you can search directly from that page! You can also add a handy dandy bookmarklet to your browser so that when you find that great new reading site, you don’t have to leave it to add it to Only 2 Clicks. Equally awesome is the little tool that lets you import bookmark collections that are currently stored in your browser…so handy and making life easier. And, the cherry on the top? You can customize the look of Only 2 Clicks to match any great new pair of shoes you happen to be wearing! You have to love that!

The team at Common Craft have created another entertaining and educational video, this time about social media, which they explain by using an ice cream metaphor.

del.izzy lets you search your del.icio.us bookmarks...del.izzy lets you search through all content, including title, description and page content, for all your bookmarks.

Visual Bookmarking Tools


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