Using RSS

RSS Feeds Galore!

  • School library media specialists in Coquitlam, BC, Canada provide links to favorite authors' blogs, podcasts and websites to encourage students to read and learn more. RSS feeds from several popular authors' blogs are included. Gotta love the subhead: "FIND THE LATEST TITLE & START NAGGING YOUR TEACHER-LIBRARIANS NOW!"
  • Checkout Creekview High School's "Unquiet Library" page...not only can you subscribe to their RSS feed, but you can see that they integrate feeds from many other sources to help keep their page changing and relevant! Very cool!
  • Ditto for the Georgia Library Media Association page. GLMA uses a blog to disseminate information and members (and non-members) can subscribe to the RSS feed. They also integrate news from other feeds in the sidebar.
  • Baker Middle School helps users by giving them step-by-step directions for subscribing to the library media center RSS feed for several different news readers. Bethel High School Library Media Center and Meadowdale Library Media Center do the same! I'm not sure where it came from, but it is great information!

WOW! Great guide to RSS feeds: Dr. Charles Best Secondary School (Canada) has a page of feed for general classroom news and then feeds for every subject area!

Alltop is a commercial example of arranging RSS feeds in a grid layout, to create a directory of subjects. You'll find RSS feeds in many different categories and sub-categories. You can quickly see the latest headlines in any category from some of the best blogs and newsfeeds. There is an education category: Alltop Education. You can read most of the related article without ever leaving the Alltop page! Just hover your cursor over the headline.

More Great RSS Stuff

30 Boxes helps you create unique calendars from your RSS feeds. "30 Boxes now lets you build calendars out of all sorts of information like photos and blogs. You can even include your personal calendar data too if you want." Note: This is different that the 30Boxes calendar and to do program....

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