Ideas for Using Presentation Tools

in the School Library Media Center


Check out this presentation from a library media specialist at Archer Lodge Middle School in NC. She created it using statistics from last year and used it for orientation this year. She reports her audience applauded! She embedded the show on her library media center webpage as share with teachers, parents, administrators, and the public! GREAT!

Valenza's New Tools Workshop

Glogster was mentioned on the Presentation Tools page and it's the tool that was used to create the homepage of this wiki. It's a fun and useful tool. Joyce Valenza wrote about it in her blog for School Library Journal. She used Glogster to redesign two of her wikis: Bookleads for her high school students and her New Tools Workshop wiki.

backtoschool.jpgSee a review of Glogster by library media specialist Anne Marie Gordon of Livonia, NY. She includes a "Back to School" Glog with her review. Don't miss the other examples she provides for using Glogster:

online.jpgSandra Carswell uses Glogsterto give pizzazz to her Online Book Club at S. C. Lee Jr. High (TX). Also at the Book Club Wiki! (see her note on the discussion page)

glogster2.0.jpgA library media specialist created this page in Glogster about Web 2.0 tools for her faculty. Links include ideas for using the tools in the classroom. "This wiki is designed to help you to integrate web 2.0 technology into your classroom. Click on the appropriate link to find "how-to" guides as well as ideas for your classroom!" Be sure to listen to the audio in the middle of the page!

Barbara Fritz posted a request for library media specialists using Glogs to share their ideas on LM_NET and she posted a hit with some great examples.

"Dr. Loopy" uses Glogster to host the book reviews by his students. He calls it Hot Dog Book Reviews. A "Hot Dog" is chosen each week from every class. This person get their picture taken in the "Hot Dog Hat," helps check the class out and is awarded with an extra book checkout. They then reviews that book for our "Hot Dog Review" page. The book reviews are SO clever and creative: "The students read a book and then write a short review. They draw a picture of themselves and we animate it. The finished video is put in our book review Glog page for all to see!" Here's one of them:

Find more videos like this on TeacherLibrarianNetwork
Check out more on his Hot Dog Book Reviews Glogster page. Thank you, Dr. Loopy! You've inspired kids and media specialists alike!
Shayne Russell, library media specialist at Olson Middle School (NJ), designed a glog as a homepage for a wiki where teachers could discuss children's literature and films as examples of Kohlberg's Six Levels of Moral Development. It's part of a book club discussion by Rafe Esquith.

Many of you have asked how to embed a Glogster page into your wiki. Here's a video that will help. From TeacherTube:


From an LM_NET member:

I've seen VoiceThread mentioned a couple times on LM+Net, but if you haven't looked at it yet, and you like interactive media, take a look. They have a free-to-everybody version, but they've recently introduced a K-12 network that costs a one-time $10 fee. The link is It essentailly makes a slideshow, but a very jazzy one--you can use images, audio, video or text. There's a social component, because you can have students comment on one another's work. It's very easy to use. Here's VoiceThread some of by third graders made about a traditional Japanese craft. --used by permission of the author, AMG, an elementary library media specialist in NY.

See Joyce Valenza's Why I Love Databases VoiceThread. She inspired Carolyn Foote to create a VoiceThread comparing and contrasting online databases and Google for her students: The Faceoff.

One of New Trier High School Library's blogs features a VoiceThread presentation introducing VoiceThread and some ways it can be used.. Nice!

Other Tools and Ideas

Lori Kimble, Information Specialist at Kaiserslautern Middle School in Germany, created a digital booktalk with and Audacity for Stephanie Meyer's Twilight.

Sarah Aloise, Media Specialist at Ocean Breeze Elementary in Brevard County, FL worked with 6th graders to produce a slidecast of their book recommendations. She used Slidestory to import pictures of their original book jacket designs and to record their book teaser podcasts. She used Glogster to design the cover slide.

Have your students use fractions, units of measurement and technology to complete a baking/cooking project for your math class. Students will use
wikispaces and slideshare to complete the project. DIrections and an example can be seen at Baking Math. Mmmmm..baking with math, enjoy!
Created by Kelli Eten.

Have students conduct a poll, collect the data, create and interpret multiple graphs and present the information using google docs and create a graph.
Created by Kelli Eten, see attached file, .

Here's an overview created in google docs of the 2008 Caldecott Medal Winner and Honor books by Julie Horrocks:

This is a presentation created in "Jog the Web" to show language arts teachers some specific Web 2.0 tools appropriate for the language arts classroom. Created by Julie Horrocks.

Improving Presentations

Much has been written about ways to improve presentations and avoid "powerpointlessness." Some great ideas for working with both teachers and students to create better presentations, whether using Powerpoint or one of the many online tools.


Take a look at the Periodic Table of Visualization for some ideas about presenting information, data, concepts, strategies, etc.

More Presentation Tools

Raptivity Presenter

A PowerPoint add-in which helps you add Flash interactivity like 3D Cube, Flip Book, Interactive Comparison Chart, Ladder and many more to PowerPoint slide. It includes a pre-built, customizable library of Flash interactions and you do not need any programming knowledge to use it.

PowerPoint Quiz Creator

Create Macromedia Flash Quizzes from within PowerPoint. Fill in the information (question text, choices, correct/incorrect response text), then click insert question. Get the free trial version. Requires download and purchase after trial.


works with several photosharing services to turn your photos into full-screen 3D images and can be used as a presentation tool.


A downloadable free tool (Windows only or Mac running WIndows) where you create playlists that contain content that can include websites, images, videos, documents, presentations, PDFs, pretty much anything. You then call up the content for a presentation when you want it, presenting it in a non-linear flexible way. These files are launched from within Freepath; no need to launch Word, a Browser, etc. and can be displayed through a projector or a second monitor. There is a companion site called myFreepath where you can store your playlists. You get 100mb of free storage.

Presentation Assistant
Presentation Assistant is a cute assistant when you give a presentation.It provides various tools to bring the audience's attention to a specific spot, and allows you to zoom inand annotate the screen. It also enables you to open documents or programs quickly, and play background musics conveniently during the presentation.