Using Photos in the LMC

School Libraries Sharing Photos


See some great ideas for using photos to create screensavers for the library media center at this wiki page from University High School (IL).

See complete directions for creating a screensaver from a Powerpoint document here.

Photo Contest

S. C. Lee Junior High School (TX) motivates students to see the world through photography with their Photo Contest. Be sure to see Lee's page of videos and photos to share....what a great way to review special events and show parents, teachers and students all that happens in a happening library media center!

Digital Photo Frame

My husband gave me a 10" digital picture frame for my birthday, and of course, by first thought was "How can I use this in my library?" Well, I have been using it in my display case for a few weeks now and I just love it. I'm using it to promote a reading program that I have going on right now. I created a Keynote presentation (I'm a Mac user, so I use Keynote, but I presume that PowerPoint would also work) with small blurbs bout suggested books in various categories that I am using in my readin gpromotion. I exported the Keynote slides to JPEG files, saved them on a flash drive, and plugged the flash drive into my picture frame. Voila! I have a small, continuously running slide presentation in my display case. It has gotten nice reviews. I may never use this device to display actual photos as I have other slide show ideas that I would like to try. --from LM_Net, used with the permission of the author, MR, a high school library media specialist from Michigan.

Here/s another idea for using a digital photo frame: How to Make Moving Pictures (Just Like Harry Potter!) Book tie-in. Kids will love this! Use your flip camera? You could also use your computer....see the article!

Photo Tools


Panraven lets you upload digital photos and then arrange them in a "book" with words and music and video if you'd like to tell a story. You can share the stories online, link to them, have them printed in a hardcover book. Great for digital storytelling, writing, visual literacy, special projects and presentations. See the key features. Here's an example taken from the public stories.


VoiceThread could be listed under photo sharing or presentation tools. You can upload photos (or other types of images) and then comment on them by typing or recording your voice (or your students' voices). You can even comment using a webcam! There is a secure education section for K-12. From an LM_NET member:

I've seen VoiceThread mentioned a couple times on LM+Net, but if you haven't looked at it yet, and you like interactive media, take a look. They have a free-to-everybody version, but they've recently introduced a K-12 network that costs a one-time $10 fee. The link is It essentially makes a slideshow, but a very jazzy one--you can use images, audio, video or text. There's a social component, because you can have students comment on one another's work. It's very easy to use. Here's VoiceThread some of by third graders made about a traditional Japanese craft. --used by permission of the author, AMG, an elementary library media specialist in NY.

Here's a review of Ramona Quimby, Age 8 by a class. Voicethreads can be emailed or embedded into a website.

There is a VoiceThread Ning where you can share ideas and examples with other educators who use VoiceThread. There is also a VoiceThread wiki and a VoiceThread directory. In the directory, educators can add their contact information, VoiceThread project description, project dates and grade level if they are looking for collaborators on projects. Be sure to see the library page and examples.


lets you arrange photos, audio, video and text onto digital multimedia scrapbook pages. See Annette Lamb's eSrapbooking pages for ideas on how to integrate these into the curriculum and some super examples.


Want to make your images interactive? Try **ThingLink**! Add a small bit of code to the bottom your webpage or blog and you can embed what I call "info-dots." Those dots can be links to videos, audio files, photos, webpages, or text. Mouse over the image below to see the dots. Hover over the dot and you'll see the "tag" or description of other information provided and then click on them to go to a webpage, see a video, or hear a sound. Once an image is enhanced, anyone can copy the embed code to use your image and take the info-dots and liks along with the it..

From the Thinglink blog: "ThingLink turns images into a platform for rich media. Educators and students can take any photo and add video and audio clips that play inside the image. You can also add Wikipedia links, Flickr images, annotations, and include social touch points like Twitter and Facebook."

What can you do with ThingLink?


PicLits is a creative writing site that matches beautiful images with carefully selected keywords in order to inspire you. Choose from hundreds of photos and add text. Inspirationaal words included!

Flickr Badges

The Unquiet Library Blog includes the latest photos from their Flickr account and calls them "Scenes from The Unquiet Library." Scroll down and check the photos in the left hand column. Click on any photo to go to the Flickr page for more info about the photo and to see all the Unquiet Library's photos (Creekview High School, GA).

Here's a flash Flickr badge made from public photos tagged "books."
This is a Flickr badge showing public items from Flickr tagged with books. Make your own badge here.

Learn to make your own Flickr Badge here.

Creekview also uses a great Slide show on the media center's homepage: Here it is! But be sure to see it on the page.

Lindero Canyon Midle School (CA) also uses a Slide show at the top of the school library media center's homepage. Looks GREAT! Check out their uses of other web 2.0 tools, too! Several are already included in this wiki.


A number of companies will let you customize products using your own photos. I've used QOOP, MOO and Zazzle for t-shirts, buisness cards, greeting cards, note pads, stickers, coffee mugs, stamps, magnets, key chains, posters, calendars and more. Unique gifts for volunteers, retiring teachers, administrators, co-workers, etc. Most will let you upload a photo or import one from Photobucket, Flickr or other photosharing sites where you might have them stored.

Social Bookmarking

Tools for Images and Videos
  • bookmark the pictures you love
  • FFFFound allows the users to post and share their favorite images found on the web, but also dynamically recommends each user's tastes and interests. The more you save images, the better the recommendations.
  • WeHeartIt a social bookmarking tool for images and videos. Put everything you saw and liked on the same page to look again whenever you want.

More Photo Tools

Here's a whole wiki page on photo sharing with more cool photo tools including some below.
Another listing: 30 Awesome Photo Effects and Photo Sharing Sites.
And here's 25 Websites to Have Fun With Your Photos!


AutoMotivator makes it easy to create one of those motivational posters from your own images or you can choose one of theirs. Chosse an image, a word, and an inspirational quote. Or illustrate vocabulary words. Upload to Flickr or download to your computer.

quote from an article by Joyce Valenza

some of the Big Huge Labs tools

Big Huge Labs

You'll never run out of things to do with your photos at Big Huge Labs. Generate posters, magazine covers, CD covers, mosaics, works of art! Get a free (and advertising free) educaton account here.

ClipYourPhoto Tools


ClipYourPhoto offers six different tools: motivational poster, ripples, archiver, face blender, bulkr, and framr.

Shrinky Dink

The Free Technology for Teachers blog describes three ways to resize your photos:

  • Resize Your is the most visually appealing option of the three. The directions are very clear and the advertising is minimal. You can expand or contract your images.
  • Shrink Pictures shrinks images that are in jpeg, gif, and png formats. You can specify the exact dimensions you want your image to be or use the percentage scale.
  • Pic Resize in addition to shrinking your images allows you to apply some special effectst to your images.


Edit images, create special effects, design logos, find colors, collaborate, and more. All from your Firefox browser.


Offers a variety of special effects. Upload a photo and choose from:


Turn your photos into works of art with PsykoPaint

PsykoPaint "Canvas"


Upload a photo, add your voice, and share withe a link or embed code. PhotoBabble is easy and free.



Make any photo with a mouth talk with Blabberize! Fun! See some great ideas for using Blabberize in reading promotion and more in this library media specialist's blog, Library Media Tech Musings.

Here's one based on the popular Twilight where Edward convinces Bella to return those overdue Library Media books to the Library Media Center. (Public Service Announcement / Middle School - High School)


A suite of free online tools to help you perform simple tasks:
  • Picslice Slice a photo into pieces. You will be able to get each part of a picture.You can select the number of horizontal and vertical slices.
  • Picshadow Add a shadow to a photograph
  • Picreflect In 10 seconds create a reflection of a picture
  • Picascii Turn a photo into ascii text
  • Picfont Add text to a photo

World Photos

World Photos My Great World lets you find photos by location on a world map....and you can upload photos, too. You choose a place on a world map and access images from that location. The key feature of the site, though, is that you can then (without registering) choose an image, write a fairly lengthy message, and mail them both as an E-Card. The url address of the card can then be posted on an online journal or blog. Great student community project...or collaborate with another school in another state.


created with Rollip

If you like the look of the old Polaroid photos, you can make your own digital versions from your images using Rollip.



Chosse 6 or 8 of your photographs and print and fold to make your own 3-dimensional object here.


Bookr lets you make photobooks from images in Flickr or Photobucket. Add captions, publish and turn the pages online. See a teacher created example here.

From Speechable


Add word bubbles to Flickr photos to make a photo comic strip with Bubblr.


Speechable lets you easily upload and add speech bubbles to your photos and share them with friends via email or on Facebook®, MySpace®, Orkut, blogs, and message boards.

Connect the Dots

Make a connect the dots picture out of any photo with ConnectTheDots. Example:

"Love" a donnect the dots puzzle
from these photos


Want to see a photo a little closer? Try Upload a photo and it creates a zoomable widget. Here's my first one:

 is a similar photo tool. You paste in the URL of a photo and it creates a zoomable picture you can embed:


cutmypic.jpgCutMyPic is a fun, free, online web tool that quickly enables you to resize, cut, crop, add rounded corners and a drop shadow to your image, picture or photo!


has lots of applications available online to help you make the most of your Flickr photos.

SUNLINK - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver

Spell With Flickr

  • The images at the top of each page of this wiki (like the word "wiki" above) were make with Spell With Flickr. It looks to me like Ransom Note Generator uses Flickr images, too, and it's easy to use.
  • See Flickr Badges in the section above.
  • Printr Killr Lets you design calendars to print from your Flickr images or any tag.
  • There are dozens of things you can do with Flickr Toys: make magazine covers, motivational posters, ID cards, nametags, movie posters, calendars, cd covers, add captions, and much much more.


Images from Motivatr, Hockneyizer, and Wharholizer @ Flickr Toys.

  • Games using Flickr images. My favorite is Fastr.
  • Museumr - hang your photos in a virtual museum with virtual visitors.
    World Puzzle from PhotoSoup
  • Flickr Montager - makes a montage of Flickr photos with any tag
  • Splashr - gives you a variety of ways to display your Flickr photos or any Flickr photos quickly and easily
  • Create Jigsaw puzzles from your Flickr photos.
  • PhotoSoup is a visual word puzzle To create and play a new puzzle, you have to provide a topic, such as "zoo". Alternatively, you can use your own username to generate a puzzle that shows your photos. generator that allows users to create word search puzzles with tag-photo pairs taken from Flickr. The tag is hidden in the puzzle, and only the associated photo is shown as a clue. The objective is to find all hidden tags in the puzzle before you run out of time.

  • From Sites and Soundbytes blog: Flickr Storm is a very handy search engine for Flickr with especially nice features for public libraries. No need to register, the site offers you a tray to store photos you are interested in, a history file to show the photos you have clicked on, and keyword search. But best of all, you can click on "advanced" and really refine your choices for what sort of Creative Commons license you are looking for. Nicely, the images you receive as your results are small but clear. You can click to see them in more detail. When you scroll to the bottom of the results, you are also offered handy single-click ways to further refine your search.

  • TagGalaxy lets you search and display images from Flickr by tag in a unique interface. For example, the tag LIBRARY:

Tag Galaxy Search Interface

Image display from LIBRARY search

  • FlickrGraphlets you expore the relationship between Flickr users.
  • SlideFlickr lets you create and embed slideshows from Flickr quickly and easily. There's also FlickrSlidr that allows you to easily embed Flickr slideshows on your website or blog. All you need to do is enter the flickr URL address of the user, photo set or group you would like to embed along with some options. You'll receive the HTML embed code in return.
  • Dumpr lets you have fun with photos in many different ways. Here's a "celebrity" photo--a photo of a photo being taken in the library media center:

celeb.jpg Dumpr also lets you make a Rubik's Cube from any photo:cube.jpg

Or you can create a photo within a photo:

  • BlowUp Creates full screen slideshows from your Flickr images.
  • FotoViewr "displays Flickr photos in this unique interactive 3D experience. Lets you choose different gallery styles. Here's an example: Florida Teens Read! Nominees 2009-2010

Click on an image to enlarge. The "ad" is included, but can be closed.
  • PictoBrowser lets you display your Flickr images by tag, set or group. Click to change images:

Get the flash player here:

  • MyPicsMap is a mash-up of Google Maps and Flickr. This is really a nice tool to use if you are a Flickr user. You can track where pictures were taken and then click on the thumbnail to blow up the image.

  • See eve more Flickr Tools here and here.



Manipulate images by putting someone's head on a dollar bill, reflecting an image in an eyeball, putting a photo in photo frame, making clothing out of an image. Make billboards, newspaper images and more! Fun? Fun!


With Deefunia reate a funny photo, a calendar or create a frame for your photo. You first need to select a templates displayed and then you will have to upload your photo from your computer. After that you will see your results shortly and you also able to share it with friends. We have a widget for you to create funny photo directly from your homepage or blog. Here is is:

And here's a video to show you how to use it!

If you don't like "hot pink," it also comes in black.


With Glitterfly Photo, you can choose from a variety of "glitter" to your photos. Also available Glitter Words, Gillter Graphics and more.
Glitter Photos
[ - *Glitter Photos*]


Make e-jigsaw puzzles from your photos...embed, email, etc. Complexity can range from 6 pieces on up with different shapes and sizes. Site has a puzzle a day, too.


makes high contrast, posterized mages from your photos or web photos and renders them in blue, red, black or white (negative) in your choice of sizes

boffd5hgjglm_000000_180.png jeypdfny23me_0000FF_180.png xsnirn5fe4vd_FF0000_180.png


works with Flickr and other photosharing services to turn your photos into full-screen 3D images.


lets you add borders, stamps, drawings and be creative with a photo. Here's an example


lets you make fabulous fake magazine covers from your own photos. Fun and easy!

You can also check out the UK version at Make Fake Magazine Covers and choose from over 30 different magazine cover templates



lets you add frames or trim to interesting shapes:


Image Embellisher

is a simple tool for adding some neat display effects to your images. Image Embellisher provides you with a selection of eight special effects to use.


Mosaickr will make a mosaic image out of other images--either your own or those of others from Flickr (that have Creative Commons fauxaic.jpglicensing to allow their use). You've seen those photomosaic posters; I have two, one of Abraham Lincoln with American Memory images and another from Dorothea Lange's famous photo, Migrant Mother. You can read more about photomosaics and see a closeup of a section of the Lange mosaic here.


Fauxaics does the same thing. You can choose photos from your desktop, facebook or the web.

Block Posters

Block Posters lets you print a photo large enough to cover a small bulletin board, or a door, or a wall!! Take a photo and decide how many regular printer paper sheets big you want it. It automatically divides it for you and then you can print it...easy to make posters, bulletin boards, etc. The photo has to be pretty good quality with lots of pixels to maintain the image when you want to make it very large. Or if you like that "abstract" square-pixel look, go for it.

Here's one of my photos and an image of how Block Posters divided it. Imagine each rectangle as a 8.5" x 11" piece of paper and you can see how large it would be. About 5' X 8'. That's bulletin board size PLUS! You download a PDF file with the partial image on each page and print all of them. You do have to trim the margins of each page, but that's a small price to pay!


is another way to enlarge an image. From the website: "Design and print your own posters. So easy. No size limit. Use any Windows printer...And, most important ... TOTALLY FREE!"


lets you take photos from your webcam and do all sorts of crazy tricks with them:
snapshot(2).jpg snapshot.jpg


lets you animate yourself (or others) and put yourself in different costumes, settings, etc.


lets you put your photos on a t-shirt! You can sell them there, too. Fund raiser?


Add text to any photo or image with PicFont. You can also create text on backgrounds or on shapes.


Upload your photos, add speech bubbles and fun stuff, and create and share your own comic strip.


is an online photo editor, animation tool, special effects generator, drawing tool and more.


lets you change any photo into ascii text.


lets you turn a photo into a sketch or a comic and add text, frames and more. You can also distort images, add glasses, beards, etc. May be good when you don't want students to be identified....or just for fun!

Stained Glass Collage

Stained Glass Collage: Upload photos and the website creates a collage for you!

Photovisi Collage


is a collage maker, too. You can use Flickr photos or upload them.
18 templates to choose from.


from Fotonea
Select a background and make a collage of up to 6 images. Once you upload your pictures from either your desktop or Flickr, you can edit your photos, add text, or even add extra objects/speech bubbles.


Makes a collage of your photos from Flickr or Photobucket.


Shuffle parts of images to create something new.


Image Presentation with Simplicity. Manage your photographs, designs or works of art online and create image galleries,online portfolios and project pages in minutes.