Want to make your images interactive? Try **ThingLink**! Add a small bit of code to the bottom your webpage or blog and you can embed what I call "info-dots." Those dots can be links to videos, audio files, photos, webpages, or text. Mouse over the image below to see the dots. Hover over the dot and you'll see the "tag" or description of other information provided and then click on them to go to a webpage, see a video, or hear a sound. Once an image is enhanced, anyone can copy the embed code to use your image and take the info-dots and liks along with the it.

From the Thinglink blog: "ThingLink turns images into a platform for rich media. Educators and students can take any photo and add video and audio clips that play inside the image. You can also add Wikipedia links, Flickr images, annotations, and include social touch points like Twitter and Facebook."
external image 20090702-declaration-of-independence-signers.jpg

What can you do with ThingLink? Here are a few ideas...add your own!




Select a background and make a collage of up to 6 images. Once you upload your pictures from either your desktop or Flickr, you can edit your photos, add text, or even add extra objects/speech bubbles.


is a collage maker, too. You can use Flickr photos or upload them.
18 templates to choose from. Use one photo many times or many photos one time. Add text if you'd like, too.


lets you turn a photo into a sketch or a comic and add text, frames and more. You can also distort images, add glasses, beards, etc. May be good when you don't want students to be identified....or just for fun!


lets you change any photo into ascii text.


is an online photo editor, animation tool, special effects generator, drawing tool and more.


Upload your photos, add speech bubbles and fun stuff, and create and share your own comic strip.


Add text to any photo or image with PicFont. You can also create text on backgrounds or on shapes.

lets you put your photos on a t-shirt! You can sell them there, too. Fund raiser?"


Shuffle parts of images to create something new.