What other tools have you used in your library media program and how have you used them? Feel free to link to your examples!

Digital Age Assessment, Part 1 and Digital Age Assessment, Part 2: Using wikis, video, and other Web 2.0 tools for assessment. Great ideas for collaborative lessons and units with teachers or information literacy skills.

2008 WebWise Conference on Libraries
and Museums in the Digital World

There are some great videos about Web 2.0 and libraries available online from this conference held in March 2008 in Miami Beach, FL.

First ePals Conference on Web 2.0 Tools for K12 Learners
July 15, 2008, in Boston was the first ePals conference: www.epals.com/conference
Learn about uses of the free tools and the social network of ePals from users in the US, Canada, Belize and Kenya. Because ePals is among the applications available on the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) from MIT, and from the Intel Classmate PC (targeting K-6 learners in third world countries), schools can find interesting partnerships, collaborations, or pen pals in third world countries. See: www.epals.com/conference for presentations, vod-cast interviews with some of the speakers, handouts, and discussions of sessions. ePals has automatic language translation embedded in the social network (so you can translate profiles written in other languages) and also has automatic language translation built into its SchoolMail.

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