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Using Blogs

The School Library Association of Victoria (Australia) offers an excellent blog: Bright Ideas. I've already gotten some Bright Ideas from the posts on the blog, and I've spent more than a few hours exploring the links in the right hand column that lead me to more pages and more links and more pages and more know how it goes!


LM_NETter, Valarie Graham of North Bend Elementary and Lockerman Bundy Elementary in Baltimore, posted a hit on March 1, 2009, of school library media blogs.

Susan Grigsby uses a blog to help all of us! In Susangrigsby's Weblog she posts the many reasons to celebrate each month...some are ordinary and others are bizarre, but you'll find something there for your newsletters, displays, promotions and more.

Listen to your favorite blog or add a voice to your blog with Blogboard.

Vermont has provided a blog for its statewide book award program, the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award. Students can post comments after they've read a book. All comments are moderated, and the site provides some excellent guidelines for student comments. They say:

Please remember:
  • Keep your comments (and nicknames) appropriate.
  • No Spoilers! (don’t give the endings away).
  • Do not use too many exclamation points. Lines & lines of uninterrupted punctuation make the blog hard to read.
  • Make sure your post makes sense. Gibberish is unhelpful & inappropriate.
  • IP addresses are recorded. If we receive many inappropriate comments from one site, we might need to ban everyone using those computers. Please be thoughtful of your fellow readers.

Another state book award site, this time provided by a school district:

Florida Teens Read in Brevard (FL) is a blog devoted to promoting reading the the FTR program and titles. Students and teachers in secondary schools can comment on the titles, learn more about the program, and learn the year's winner from statewide voting!

Brevard also has blogs for the Sunshine State Young Readers Award nominees. You can find 2008-2009 nominees for grades 3-5 hereand 6-8 here. You'll find summaries, photos, Sunshine State Standard correlations and more. Comments are moderated. School library media specialists take turns moderating.

School library media specialists in Coquitlam, BC, Canada provide links to favorite authors' blogs, podcasts and websites to encourage students to read and learn more. RSS feeds from several popular authors' blogs are included. Gotta love the subhead:

Eatons Hill State School library (Australia) offers three reading blogs:
  • BookBlog where students post answers to questions about books and reading.
  • BookRaves where students and teachers review books they have read.
  • Mrs. W's Reading Raves where the library media specialists makes recommendations each month to students and parents. Comments encouraged!
Also, check the page of blog etiquette. Short and simple.

Check out Voices from the Inglenook where a school library media specialist blogs about her media center and children's literature and Lucy & Ethel's Library Schemes: Practical tips, tricks, and schemes for bringing high school students to the high school library media center!

Joyce Valenza recommends ePals SchoolBlog in her blog, Neverending Search:
**SchoolBlog**, secure classroom blogging technology which includes
  • Searchable Archives
  • Personalized Domain
  • Allows Multi-Media Postings
  • Policy Managed
  • Calendar
  • Surveys
  • Design Templates
  • Classroom-only, Parents-Only and Public Access
  • Web Based Management and Storage
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Manuals & Tutorials
Note that some teachers want to have blogs open only within their classroom or only between two partner classrooms, not open to the world.

Carol Bar, French AP teacher in Blue Valley, KS, uses ePals SchoolBlog exclusively with her students, in French, with improved scores on exams as a result. See a recent presentation on her blog use and results with students:

Learning in Maine is a community blog offered by Rumford Elementary.

This might help you get your teachers interesting in creating their own blogs, or it might give you an idea for creating your own slideshow with other good ideas for them:

Every Teacher Should Have a Blog
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Blogs We Love!

If you read a blog you'd recommend or write a blog you'd like to share, please add it here with a link to it and a brief description!

Making Teachers Nerdy is a blog that recently (2/7/09) recommended Educational Blogs You Should Be Investigating. Two of the categories and the recommendations:

Technology Integration

The Blogging Librarian Wiki includes a list of school media blogs with links to each of them. You'll see a wide variety of uses, looks, ideas, and more!

iLearn Technology Ideas for integrating technology into the classroom or library. All ideas are free and simple to implement.

Weblogs from LISWiki: An alphabetic listing of blogs in libraries and school library media centers.

Favorite Blogs: New Discoveries and Old Friends (from my RSS feed at delicious (they keep changing):


The Annoyed Librarian Wit and wisdom from a library professional.
The Laughing Librarian Humor for librarians from a librarian.
Librarian in Black Great tips, recommended sites and new tools.
The SurRural Librarian A rural Vermont school library media specialist's musings on the profession....
SouthTexas Librarian Keep up with this busy school library media specialist!

Reading and Breathing Book reviews by a middle school library media specialist.
A Year of Reading From "two teachers who read a lot!"
Reading Rants "Out of the ordinary booklists for teens..."
Bessie Chin Library Leaves Blog from a high school library in California.
Your Thoughts! Your Voice! A blog for students to discuss what they are reading. "This is a virtual space for collaborative online learning. A space for you to contribute your ideas and thoughts that is not restricted to time or the four walls of your classroom. The focus of the discussion on this weblog will be Children’s Literature." See the great explanation for parents about the blog.

Library Grants For librarians interested in grants!

Looking for a reason to celebrate almost any day of the year? Check Susangrigsby's blog. She shares reasons for each month, many weeks and most days--as well as author and illustrator birthdays, etc.

I am a middle school technology integration teacher, and I created a blog which became a running account of my experiments in learning about and using Web 2.0 tools. The disappointing thing is that almost no one in my district reads or comments on it; they are all too busy. I would love to hear from others. I think I have some valuable links on my blog, so I hope someone will take a look and leave a comment.
I am enjoying looking through the links on this page - so much to learn and share - so little time

Field Trip Blog This blog was created by a 9th grade class to share the educational experiences that will take place on the field trips we will be going on throughout the year. You will be able to view our photos that we take along with interesting facts about each place we attend. We will update the blog after every field trip. Enjoy!